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Our Changes Are Your Changes

We’ve promised to turn the currently unused land running adjacent to I-55 into a community-focused, environmentally friendly job center. And we want to bring you along every step of the way. This site is yours to keep track of our progress, explore the details of coming changes to your backyard, and connect with our team.

Get The Facts

Wondering why this redevelopment is happening, and what it means for residents of Little Village? Follow along with the facts on the project. Still have questions, or simply want to connect? We’re here to listen.

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Community Benefits

Hilco Redevelopment Partners is revitalizing 70 unusable acres and putting it back into strong use to support economic development in the community including job opportunities and hiring, new partnerships with local business and community groups, and making infrastructure improvements to pedestrian walkways and bus shelters that will promote safety. This project is also proudly supported by Local Union 150, the Little Village Chamber of Commerce, HACIA, IHCC and others.

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Sustainability Commitment

This soon to be LEED-certified building will accommodate solar power, recycling, LED lighting, electric vehicle infrastructure, 700 new trees and 400 native plantings. We have focused on world-class remediation efforts to ensure that the previously unusable land would move forward with a new sustainable vision for the future.

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Economic Benefits

Our $250M investment will create more than a world class logistic center. We’re partnering with the Little Village Chamber of Commerce and local organizations to bring thousands of new jobs, millions in tax revenue, and increased foot traffic for your local businesses.

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Building A Future Together

We're proud to partner with community organizations in Little Village and throughout Chicago to support their work and to further our philanthropic initiatives.

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Over 40 local Chicago community groups have joined our "Hilco Helps Warm The Winter".

Community organizations like It Takes A Village, Metropolitan Family Services, Holy Family Ministries, El Hogar Del Nino, and many more have helped us distribute over $1 million worth of winter coats and accessories in Chicago, Philadelphia, and Boston.

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Updates & Events

June 5, 2020: Heneghan Wrecking & Excavation Co., Inc. performed the mechanical dismantling of the turbine building

June 19, 2020: Community notified about demolition and construction activity

June 27, 2020: Virtual Community Meeting with Heneghan Wrecking Co. Inc